Thursday, February 4, 2010


In this scene, the oldman is aiming his shotgun at the bird. But the bird is not scared of it, instead it still chirps happily.

putting on camouflage

This is the scene where the oldman puts on his camouflage, getting ready to scare the bird off with his shotgun.


The previous rendered version i had for this scene was without the ammunitions and camouflage. He is suppose to look fierce and ready for combat, but the twist is that instead of using the shotgun bullets that he slings around his body. He uses a cork to scare the bird.


This is my final rendered version of the scene where the bird is beside the mousetrap, set up by the oldman.


This is the scene where its in the morning and the bird makes its first appearance by the oldman's window. The old man gets irritated by the bird's chirping, so he gets off his bed to shoo it off.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

opening and ending shot

This is the opening and ending shot of my animation film, showing the title, Friend Or Foe.


I have already animated this shot, where the bird appears the first time by the window. This is the final rendered version.